BistroK: Modern Korean Restaurant

BistroK is an experience in Korean food unlike any other you may have come across.

Classic Korean flavours are creatively intertwined with western methods and ingredients, creating a unique gastronomic sensation. The Smith Street location with it’s hipster vibe and  creative crowd add to the eclectic diners that come to eat and drink.

Launched in May 2013, BistroK brings with it a depth of experience through Jae (head chef) and Sharon (manager) that gives the restaurant it’s unique qualities.

Jae honed his artistry as a chef at the five star French restaurant in Korea, Hotel Shilla, and the famous Japanese Melbourne restaurant, Nobu. As a head chef at Table H and serving up high class meals at a five star Marriott hotel (in America) he has tight control over what comes out of the BistroK kitchen.

Sharon worked at the five star Hyatt Hotel in Korea before moving to Melbourne to further her study in commercial cookery and patisserie as well as hospitality management. She then founded and managed a successful wholesale Korean style marinated meat business, supplying amazingly tender and flavour infused meats to restaurants around Melbourne.

Both Jae and Sharon have an endless passion for beautifully crafted meals and serving memorable eating experiences.

Make a reservation for one of our dining rooms to enjoy something really unique.