Meat & Poultry


Meat on the sizzler

Sliced pork hock salad with Yuza soy vinegrette (Jokbal salad) * 13
Crispy chicken balls with Korean sweet chilli sauce 15
Slow cooked soy paste pork belly with cos lettuce * 22
Grilled lamb ribs and Asian apple mint salad * 18
Grilled beef ribs & seasonal vegetables with port wine soy sauce * 25
Pan seared stuffed chicken rolls with Kmchi salsa * 20
Slow cooked Kimchi beef ribs * 24
Korean spices braised whole pork hock with various vegetables (Jokbal)* 28
Smoked pork belly with cooked Kimchi & vegetables * 19
Bulgogi beef with onion and king oyster mushroom * 19
Premium angus scotch fillet with various roasted seasonal vegetable * 29


Fish & Seafood


Salad & Vege

Pan seared prawn and scallop with seasonal salad
& black sesame tofu mousse *
Seafood cocktail (prawn, scallop with marie rose sauce on
lettuce & seasonal fruit salsa *
Crispy seafood and spring onion pancake (Haemul pajeon) * 15
Deep-fried seafood with Korean sweet chilli sauce
with sprinkle of crushed nuts on the top
Scallop and prawn ravioli with soybean paste clam sauce 18/25
Truffle soy sauce salmon ceviche with bread * 18
Spicy octopus & buckwheat noodle with chilli vinegrette 18
Grilled baby octopus salad with red chilli vinegrette * 13.5
Sous vide salmon fillet with sauteed Kimchi * 28
Korean caesar salad (Grilled cos lettuce, soy paste mayo, caramelized baby anchovy, egg) 12.5
Korean garden salad (Cucumber, tomato, mixed greens) V* 8
Mung bean jelly noodles with Bulgogi and vegetables (Korean royal court cuisine) V* 12.5
Korean style crispy vegetable pancake (Pajeon) V* 13.5
Grilled tofu steak and king oyster mushroom salad V* 16







Mini bibimbap on the cast iron pan with Bulgogi or tofu V* 8
2 types of Kimchi (Traditional fermented spicy cabbage and radish) V* 3/5
Soybean soup with tofu & seaweed V* 3
Black steamed rice V GF 3
Chocolate fondant with ginger ice cream and seasonal fruit chutney GF 12
Home made ice cream of the day (2 scoops of ginger and multi-grain ice cream) GF 6
Hotteok (Korean sweet pancake with caramelized peanut honey syrup) with ginger ice cream 12
Makgeoli (Korean rice beer) creme brulee GF 10




BistroK is fully licensed and offers a quenching selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Come in and discover our unique Korean cocktails as well as Korean traditional spirits. Our fine selection of wine and beer also complement our dishes perfectly.



V – for Vegetarian

GF – 100% gluten free

* Р very little amounts of gluten from soy sauce and chilli sauce