I may be in the minority here, but I’m always disappointed when I see that a company has installed tinted windows. One of my favourite pastimes while I’m shopping is to slow down and see what I can see from the street. You know, just generally take a peek to confirm that they’re doing work. You’d be surprised how often I get myself in a proper position and they’re playing solitaire, or browsing for clothes. Or…worse. One time I saw a guy on his computer, clearly not doing what he was supposed to. I got a better angle, and wouldn’t you know it…he was on my favourite Week of Our Lives forum. Always happy to find another fan!

Now there’s this big push for commercial glass tinting for Melbourne businesses, and it makes it terribly hard to be a sticky-beak. I asked Lorna about it, because she has one of those big-wig office jobs where she works in a skyscraper, and she said all the window tinting was an effort from the company to keep people focused. It’s tinted from the inside as well, apparently, so they can’t spend the entire day just idly gazing out the window and not doing work. I understand that, because the outside world can be very distracting. People-watching is my favourite thing, which can get a bit deadly sometimes when I’m cutting a client’s hair and someone interesting walks outside the window. I’m not in a skyscraper, either! Just a little old hair salon on the high street, so that’s a LOT of people, all day. Maybe we need to keep up with the trends in Melbourne, buy window tinting services and stop my sticky beak from getting stickier. Well…that’s what we *should* be doing. I sure do hope the boss doesn’t go for that option though, since spending half the day idly watching the people walking by is part of the reason I come into work at all. I’m sure commercial window tinting people do a great job; but kindly do a great job everywhere else, before you get to our place!