I’ve always thought it would be cool to live in a tree. Used to have a treehouse when I was younger, and I was pretty much the only person in my whole school to have one so I was the coolest kid in school during the summer. I will admit, the winter made it pretty much uninhabitable. Damp everywhere, leaves littering the place, and there was NO insulation.

But during the summer, I reigned supreme. I was the head of the Treehouse Club- inventive name, I know- and our primary function was to be in the treehouse. Sometimes we’d have debates about whether we let other people into the treehouse, and other times, we debated over whether people should be OUT of the treehouse. My vote counted for three, so I almost always got my way.

I want that feeling again. Now that I’ve made my way in the world, I can afford to find a property advocate in Melbourne and make it a proper search. Now, I’ve been doing my research in between meetings, and it’s looking like there aren’t too many treehouses for sale in Melbourne. I found a couple of places that have treehouses out the back, but they’re of my childhood variety and aren’t nearly big enough for living in. I don’t want to send a property advocate on a wild goose chase, so I’m limiting my search to homes with massive gardens and clumps of trees. I feel sure that they’ll be able to support a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen-diner, study and entrance hall combo. And then I can rent out the place! The house, I mean. The house that shall be in the trees is all mine, forever, sorry, no take-backs.

Or maybe…if there was a REALLY thick tree, it could be a literal tree-house. Here I am assuming that the buyers advocates around Melbourne have never heard this challenge before. Perhaps I’ll be joining a legion of happy tree…friends. And I just don’t yet know it.