I’ve just gotten back from a day of seasonal shopping with my grandma. Not only is my wallet considerably lighter, but I’m also sporting a new look courtesy of grandma’s determination to part me from my split ends. I’m still getting used to it – every time I pass a reflective surface, I have to stop and check it out.

It started with our annual pre-Christmas trip to David Jones in the city, as per grandma’s insistence. The way it works is that we start with champers in the food court and work our way through to the beyond-our-price-point designer dresses, picking up gifts along the way. It was while I was trying on designer perfumes that grandma noticed my neglected tresses, and enquired as to when I’d last had a trim.

She was, naturally, exasperated by my response, and declared that we needed to pause everything and get me to a hairdresser, stat. You’d think it was some kind of emergency. Of course, she wasted no time in locating a luxury hair salon inside David Jones (I’d never noticed any such thing before, but evidently she had). By the time I was in the hairdresser’s chair, I’d decided to give in to the flow of the situation and let grandma dictate the terms of my haircut.

By the time it was done, I was totally won over to grandma’s idea, and not only because she was paying for it. I’ve always known that she’s a stylish woman, but I was pleasantly surprised by her ability to conceive a contemporary haircut that would suit me. Not only that, but she managed to convey it to the stylist in such a way that they could execute it to perfection. Thanks, grandma!

Even though I didn’t have to shell out for my new hairdo, I did lay down some cash for a swathe of hair products to gift to my sisters. I know they’ve both been on the lookout for an Aveda stockist in Melbourne, and this salon was one, so I stocked up on their behalf.