So, it has come to this. The TV show Her-Bla is taking on hair styling.

I’ll give you three guesses, and if you can guess which position the show takes on hair styling, you can win a prize! The only caveat is that you only have one guess, and there IS no prize, because nothing that easy is ever truly rewarded in life.

So yeah, whoever writes for this stupid show hates people getting their hair styled, which is new levels of low even for them. Her-Bla and her companions take a trip to a hair salon open near David Jones, which is a far cry from the suburb in which they live, but they do seem to cross over into our neck of the woods quite often. There’s a big awards show coming up, and Her-Bla is one of the contenders for the ‘Most Magical and Wonderful and Morally-Awesome Person’ award, so she wanted to look nice. But then, her friend said that actually, she didn’t really want to go to a hair salon to get her hair styled, and she was happy with her hair the way it was. So this leads to a giant revelation where Her-Bla realises that all her friends feel pressure to look good, and she herself was sort of putting that pressure on them by dragging them to a hair salon for her big night, and eventually, she just goes to the awards without her hair done. And she wins the award, of course.

What a load of drivel. I know plenty of people who book appointments at South Melbourne hairdressers, and they don’t do it out of pressure. Getting your hair done is fun, and it makes you feel good. I don’t need a cartoon girl turning to the screen and lecturing me on what I and the rest of the world does with my hair. Styling is an art form, for flip’s sake…talk about moral preaching with no factual basis.