This may be it for the Lemur Sanctuary. It was a beautiful idea spawned from a totally bizarre set of circumstances, but for a while it actually worked. We fought our way through the lemur flu disaster, and even multiple escape attempts where these little critters kept eating everything in sight, up to and including metal.

But no one comes anymore. Well, not NO ONE. But numbers are way down, and we can’t support all the facilities at this rate. It’s not cheap, running a sanctuary for lemurs, especially endangered ones. We have to keep the lights on, pay the staff, and maintain the enclosures at a perfect temperature setting to simulate a tropical environment. And the plants…hoo boy the plants. SO expensive.

We may have to downsize. Fortunately we’ve been able to contact a few of the property transfer firms in Melbourne, and we’re in talks to purchase a new place. Let me tell you, it’s not easy finding a place for eighty-four endangered lemurs, especially one that suits our purposes. Then people have been talking about why we’re even bothering, and potential damage to the building- understandable, considering our past- and that’s why we had to get the conveyancers involved. This is NOT a case of just fronting up the cash for a warehouse and moving everyone in. The paperwork gets pretty crazy when you’re trying to do something of this magnitude.

Though to be honest..most of this is wishful thinking as well. We might get a good place, but it’s looking pretty dire. If the worst happens, we close down and all our lemurs have to be shipped back to their place of origin, too soft and used to Australian life to really cope out there in the wild. No idea how we’d solve that problem.

One step at a time, I guess. Or we find a property conveyancer for hire in Melbourne who has some sick connections, and maybe knows a big old abandoned zoo-type area that is just now conveniently for sale. Cheaply. That would be something.