I’m a part of a community initiative to bring affordable housing to the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. The South East is known for its affluent lifestyle and unaffordable housing, which is pushing young people and young families out of the market. We believe that these groups of people should be able to live by the beach if they so choose, and so we are trying to build more homes and renovate others so that there are more opportunities for people to live where they like.

I’m responsible for managing the renovation side of the project. In my job I oversee all sorts of renovations and replacements, anything from full kitchen renovations to something as small as a sash window replacement. Melbourne houses are expensive, but they really don’t need to be. We are taking calculated steps to make sure these houses are good quality whilst being affordable, and I really believe that we’re making a difference in the world. I want what’s best for our community, and having diverse groups of people living in the same area will have a very positive impact on our residents.

Thanks to our project, which is taking place over the next five years, we will be creating 15,000 additional homes in the South East. Many of the homes that we’re renovating are large but extremely old, which makes them hard to live in. They are also extremely expensive due to the location. We are revamping these old homes and turning them into multiple homes, with the help of town planners and the government.

I’ve also been very hands-on with the project. At this point you would think that I’m a builder, not a project manager, but we need as many people helping out as possible. Yesterday I did my first ever aluminium window installation, with my own hands. It was an experience that I never thought I’d have.

I love what we’re doing with this housing initiative. 

170 Thoughts to “Charity Window Replacements”

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