I’ve been helping my kid with a project he’s put off since it was first issued to him six weeks ago.And while I’m super angry at him, that’s not really what I want to write about. I can’t believe some of the stuff we’re unearthing. It has completely spurred me to look into better commercial solar solutions.

I literally had no idea that solar power had been around for so long. I thought my son putting this project off was bad- can you believe the first solar power discovery was made in 1839? Talk about turning out late.

He didn’t think the project would be worth spending much  time on, hence his procrastination, but since we both sat down and started researching the subject together, we’ve been pretty impressed, and more often, felt fairly disheartened by the fact that solar power should be talked about a lot more – especially in a historic sense. Alongside him, I wouldn’t have thought i’d be researching solar power specialists in Melbourne.

For starters, we didn’t know that the earth receives more sun in one hour than we currently use in one year. Compare that fact with this slap in the face: London has used their electricity quota for the entire year already, and it’s not even February yet.

We both had to sit back when we read that it would take less than 1% of the earth’s surface, covered in solar power to generate more than enough electricity for the entire population.

I have to admit, I know next to nothing about clean energy, but the more I learn, the more I am feeling like our business needs to commit to a good energy plan. A clean energy plan.

I’ve sat down with my kid to study many times and we’ve both found the work he’s been given to be dry. But this was something different. While he’s busy finding out more about what we can do to reach cleaner energy goals, I’m thinking about making some serious changes, both at home and in our business.