I could be risking my life here, but I’ve…been doing some investigating into the strange family down the road. I’ve been taught from birth that, while we cannot leave or talk to anyone outside the group, this is a good family. One of the best. We shall one day establish a new lunar kingdom and it will be the first and last of its kind, the definitive home of mankind from the 30th century onwards.

All of THAT I understand, and I want to believe. But I’ve been running the numbers, checking the plans, ascertaining the accuracy of certain statements made by the clan, and I just…I just don’t think this is actually possible.

They had a meeting yesterday, 4:25pm. Brother Jared stated that he has extensive experience in air conditioning repairs. Canberra has been heating up over the last twenty years according to the news lady. Brother Jared is only about 23, so instantly I had doubts. Someone had raised a concern about ducted air conditioning, and how we were going to keep ourselves cool when we had no atmosphere or ozone layer protecting us from the sun’s rays. The moment the group leader decided that there was going to be space on the spacecraft for a qualified air conditioning service person, and instantly Jared was speaking up. He’d been relegated to the launch team, to remain on Earth, but all he said was that he had air con experience and he’d been given a moon vision that this was his purpose, and boom. He’s in.

So, we won’t have an air con repair person on board because Jared hasn’t even been to Canberra. He didn’t even know Hawaii was a real place until last week! So telling people that he knows the ways of Canberra ducted air conditioning repairs is a lie, and I suspect that Briar Edgeley telling everyone that she has a good friend at NASA who’ll lend us a rocket is also telling lies. Lies about sustaining life when we’re up there; none of the figures and charts make sense. Lies about artificial gravity: it hasn’t been invented yet!

What else…? What else…