Who would just abandon a kid?? I don’t even like kids, but still. Seriously. Kids shouldn’t grow up not knowing their parents, and they REALLY shouldn’t grow up knowing that their parents just tossed them away like trash.

So yeah, that sucks. Wasn’t a great start to the day when I was browsing Visage-Tome on the bus and that came up. And that means worse than usual, because I HATE taking the bus. All those people, and for some reason whenever it stops I get this massive lungful of smoke. Or gas, or whatever comes out of the exhaust pipe. It’s like it was aimed at me specifically, but like, every day. Why don’t we have electric cars yet? Like, I know that commercial solar energy is taking off. I only know that because Grandpa told me all about solar power from a magazine he was reading in the doctor’s office. He doesn’t really have any interest in the subject- or at least he didn’t before, but he’s seen it in a magazine so now he’s an expert. Got to respect someone who can learn things that quick.

So he’s going on about how electric cars are going to be big, and how driving in the sun is going to be free for all. That’s cool; maybe then I can afford a car. And I wouldn’t have to take the bus! The bus is pretty terrible. But then, like, maybe the buses and cars wouldn’t be as fast. Unless we suddenly come up with way more efficient solar power, or maybe some other form of power. Like, energy storage is pretty popular nowadays, right? We can just store energy into a big battery, stick it under a car and that makes it go. I don’t know much about mechanics and mechanical stuff, and I know basically nothing about cars and any kind of commercial energy storage…but I think I might be onto something here. Something BIG.