People throw out the term ‘evil’ so frequently these days. Honestly, if people understood how their use of words also robs those words of their power, maybe they’d treat the power of language with a little more respect.

Oh, sure, just because I created a machine that can create car-sized hailstones, and generate tsunamis on demand, I’m not a bad guy. I’m a scientist, certainly, but I like to think I just…don’t like boring weather. Life needs excitement!

Anyway, I’m working on electricity, albeit for the good of humanity. They want me to take my lightning gauntlets and turn them into lightning SAFETY gauntlets, for residential electricians who are working on dangerous projects like power lines and such. It’s quite a dangerous job, working with electricity. You have to be extremely careful and it’s not recommended for the average person to ever attempt their own repair when it comes to anything to do with mains electricity. 

It’s very true, my gauntlets as they stand make the wearer quite immune to electricity. Imagine, the same thing shocking the user as well…that WOULD be quite the design flaw! I suppose modifying them so they don’t look quite so terrifying and reducing the capabilities to simple power absorption might be feasible. Simple, for someone of my intellect. Very dull and safe, but that seems to be all these people want: something that can be sold commercially, and something that even little kids could hear about without it damaging their delicate little ears.

“Gloves that make the job of a commercial electrician safer, wow! Doesn’t that sound great!”

Of course, that barely scratches the surface of what they are truly capable of, but people don’t WANT innovation. They want safety for electricians. They want nice, sunny weather, instead of dark skies raining down hail upon a broken, quaking landscape.

I don’t see the appeal, personally.