After the window installation incident, and breaking down in what was basically the middle of the desert, we’re back on track. Maybe. We took a few days to just randomly wander around Melbourne, and that was when my natural instinct to fix things kicked in (and that includes things that aren’t broken). In the caravan park where we were staying, one of the kids hit a ball through the window of the park reception. There was glass everywhere, the frame was ruined. It was a pretty solid kick so naturally I had to help. In fact, I was carrying the phone number for a replacement window company in the back of the RV, just for an occasion like this. I knew the best people in the business, a real cracking team who did the best replacement timber windows Melbourne has to offer. Only the best.

So I jumped into action, offering to pay for the replacement windows out of my own pocket. They were pretty happy about that, so I went to work making calls.

I sorted through the collection of glass, brought out my cleaning tools and set about clearing out that gaping hole. The broken glass was impressively everywhere, but most of it had been cleaned up by the time the sun was setting.

I knew that in just a few minutes, the entire thing would be fixed. That being said I knew they probably still find glass shards scattered around for a few months.

The fragments are the most persistent problem. In any case, the owner was so happy that he let us stay in the park for free, along with any amenities while we were here. Plus unlimited credits for any of the arcade games in the playroom. That was Reggie’s favourite part. My genetic drive to fix things really came through for us this time. Anytime you need a Melbourne based window replacement company I can hook you up. I have the number waiting in the back. I’ll probably get round to you on this trip at some point.