This…’time traveller’ seems to be full of ideas about how we can make the world a better place. I wonder, if I found myself zapped to the past by means unknown, would I be so arrogant? Would I say to the people in the 1950s, “you need to stop advertising smoking like it’s a wonderful thing to clear your lungs, mark my works!”

If I fell out of a time portal in the 1500s, would I attend the court of Edward II and snicker behind my hand at how they don’t understand electricity, or proper hygiene standards? I like to think that I’d carry myself with a bit more decorum.

But there Jayne goes, telling us all about her glorious future (supposedly OUR future), and how we can pick up our game. It’s grating. Although, somewhat interesting. Who would’ve thought that commercial wok burners would be the turning point of upcoming global battle? I always thought they were just for balancing and heating woks, but that shows how much that I know. Apparently, restaurants fifty years into the future are completely automated, with all the commercial kitchen supplies gaining sentience and just generally proving themselves to be great chefs. You show up to a restaurant, the commercial steamer comes out, and you tell it that you’d like salmon on a bed of rice with green beans and new potatoes. It waddles back to the kitchen and you’re served your meal in no time at all. I wonder if you treat them like staff? Like, you go in and thank your commercial deep fryer for servicing you some delicious, gourmet cod and chips. I just think I’d have to, even if they ARE machines. They’re talking to you and serving you lovely food, so why not? Being rude to the machines is how it all starts…at least, according to Jayne.

Jayne knows EVERYTHING, it would seem. No proof that she’s from the future, but sure, let’s just kowtow to her anyway.