It’s time we accepted it: we’re over the hill. And who cares, because it’s an ageing population and soon everyone will be joining us! That Australia trip just isn’t feeling like enough of a retirement plan, though. Maybe it’s because we’re fairly recently back and still sort of settling in, but I’m feeling quite ready for another adventure.

I know it’s stereotypical, but I feel like moving to the coast. It’s not even so far away from here, but I can’t help but think that a person’s twilight years should be spent breathing in the sea air. We have friend down in Lorne for luxury accommodation they’ve got down there. I think it might be a hotel, so perhaps if they’ve lived there long enough, we can get some mates rates, as they say. I wonder, all those deserted seaside roads…is there any chance my husband will let me have that motorbike I’ve always wanted? I understand the dangers of inner city, all that traffic, but in the off-seasons down in Lorne it’d be clear road for miles and miles. Just perfect for a little road warrior. I was going to give that name to my RV, but eventually I decided that it just didn’t fit. No, my road warrior needs to be a proper bike!

My daughter loves the sea. Most of our early family holidays were spent on the coast, a few times even overseas. Lorne hotels might seem a bit tame in comparison, but she won’t discriminate; my daughter just loves that feeling of standing on the docks somewhere and breathing in the air. Imagine if we had an apartment down in Lorne! We could go for walks along the beach every day, fill our lungs with the salty air, sit in a coffee shop listening to the sound of the waves…and then I could go tearing down the deserted highways on my road warrior ZX-3000 with turbo engines and six cylinders. The perfect retirement.

Now I have to look into affordable accommodation in Lorne, even though we probably still would struggle to pay for it! Well, it’ll do for a holiday one year.