Well, they finally did it. The way things are going, I’m pretty sure every single job in the world will be automated at this point, and we’ll all spend our time watching Neat-Flicks and lying on the beach. Yep, all robots. We won’t have to lift a finger, and if we ever actually want to lift a finger, we’ll call the finger-lifting robot and they’ll come and do it for us, because why not? I bet robots will be painting and making music as well, because it’ll be better than whatever we make. And then they’ll take over the world, just like in those Mate-Tricks movies.

Or maybe I’m being too pessimistic. Maybe lip injections out of Melbourne are still too delicate to be done without a steady human hand. I know a robot hand could actually be slightly more stable, but maybe it then becomes a matter of us wanting the reassurance of a human touch.

Okay, so…picture it. You go into a beauty salon, maybe wanting some laser hair removal, or to get an anti wrinkle injection of sorts. You it in the chair, and instead of a nice person- maybe a young girl with red highlights in her hair and well-plucked eyebrows- asks you what you’d like done. Or maybe you make an appointment, whatever. They ask about what your plans are for the summer, whether you’re studying, about the kids or if you think chicken parma prices are going up too fast. And you walk out of there with exactly what you need.

Or…you can go in, and there will be no people. You type ‘lip fillers’ into a terminal, sit in a chair and a big block of metal with arms gives you the same treatment. How is THAT acceptable?? I want that human touch, thanks very much. If Melbourne’s laser hair removal¬†clinics ever become automated, I think I’ll start a little salon of my own and brand it the ‘retro option’. And you know what? It’ll probably be really popular.