This is a lovely mansion. Can’t quite believe we’re the first ones to show genuine interest in ten years!

It’s got a bit of a sordid past, I think, at least from what I heard. First family to live in it went a bit mad, bless them. Had a bit of a family tiff, things got a bit heated, and then poof! Just like that, they’re all dead. That was during the war, and people just left the place for years. It’s been on the market for the last ten, which right now just seems like fate, because it’s *perfect* for us. Those property advocates around Melbourne are so nice, they really are. Helped us find what we needed, sorted through all the paperwork, warned us about the bits and bobs that we needed for moving into such a big house and all sorts of other things. I’d recommend buyers advocacy for anyone thinking about such a big decision, I really would.

You don’t move into a haunted mansion every day, you know? I never quite believed all that silliness anyway, although that’s apparently the main reason it scared off all the other people. Oh, there are all kinds of foolish stories sprung up around the house, things like the taps turning on by themselves and figures in white appearing at the window. You know stuff people make up. All nonsense, but people like to raise the reputation of a place with their local legends. It’s always been the haunted house, so I expect our family moving in will make it quite boring for everyone. Well, we’ll just have to make it up to them by being good neighbours I suppose. Meanwhile, if you need buyers advocates in Melbourne, especially ones who won’t be taken in by superstitions and lies, I can hook all of you up. I wouldn’t buy a mansion without them. Once we get to buying our next one, I certainly know to whom I shall be turning!