Finally, the crystal ball has seen fit to reveal the end of my thrilling story, which shall take place in the year 2071. When last we left off, Fraydo and his water-gardener, Samuel, left their specialised Task Force to complete their quest alone. With them, they will carry the cursed Boat Latch of Power, heading south toward the Antarctic Wastes so they can destroy the object forever. On their journey, the two friends will encounter a strange creature. One obsessed with the Boat Latch of Power. In a cunning plan, the creature, Withers, will agree to guide the duo on their perilous journey south, through what was once the cold lands of Antarctica. By then, however, it will be known only as the Drowned Continent.

Withers will have no intention other than leading Fraydo and Samuel to an early demise, but somehow the two small heroes will survive, finally reaching the place where they will cast aside the boat latch that burdens them both forever. Meanwhile, their old companions shall get involved in a boating war, defending the free realms from the Dark Lord Sow-Ron. Sow-Ron will seek to create an empire even greater than the Mongols, Romans and British combined. Under his rule, all boats will serve him. 

All this will culminate in a final battle at the figurative gates of the Drowned Continent, as Fraydo and Samuel make for the giant crater in the middle. Only by the power of the ultimate snapper rack will the heroes succeed. This snapper rack will be delivered by Elrod, once a great smith of snapper racks for Melbourne boats. With this ultimate, powerful snapper rack, the great hero Argus will be able to drive back the enemy forces. With the Dark Lord Sow-Ron distracted, Fraydo and Samuel will sneak to the crater and destroy the Boat Latch of Power. The day will be saved thanks to the heroic efforts of all.

How do I know all this is going to occur? Well, the answer is simple. I am the Dark Lord Sow-Ron. This is my evil plan, which will see me remembered for all eternity. Through this story, I will be truly immortal.