I’m looking to build a dog kennel in my backyard. I have two dogs, a great Dane and a chihuahua, and so I want to build a joint kennel that fits them both. I’m imagining it’ll be made out of timber, but I’m in no way an expert at building anything. I’m happy for the hardware store experts in Cheltenham to guide me on what tools and materials I’ll need.

I’ve drawn up some kennel designs that I’ll show the guys at the hardware store. The designs are quite different from each other because I’m not sure what will work. The first design, which is my personal favourite, is two kennels side by side that look like tiny houses. My dogs will have to walk up stairs to a small balcony where they can then go into their respective kennels. My great Dane’s kennel will be about ten times the size of my chihuahua’s, which will be so cute.

I’m such a fan of my dogs. My great Dane could sit on my chihuahua and that’d be it for her, but instead, they’re best friends. They play together every day and curl up together every night. My only concern about my ideal kennel design is that they’ll still want to sleep together and end up in each other’s kennels. That obviously wouldn’t be the worst thing but if I’m going to all this trouble to buy the timber supplies based in Cheltenham and build the kennels, then I want them to use it.

Once I go to the hardware store and get the advice of the experts, I’ll update you guys. I’m happy to build whichever design they suggest with whichever materials they think will be best. They are the experts, after all and I’m just a dog owner that loves his dogs more than anything in the world. I can’t wait to post the final results too! More to come.