I’ll only be in the state for half a day when my third son turns 15 in just a couple of weeks. It’s not ideal, but my kids have grown up knowing how precious time is, and I feel like the task I’ve given my son, Gray, is one that he’ll learn a lot from. Call me mad, but I let him arrange his own birthday party. Gray has been terribly ill with glandular fever for the first half of the year. Which is part of the reason that I feel he deserves something special, but partly because I want him to show me what he thinks he is worth.  It’s a relief to know the kids’ got confidence.

“You need to look into venues for hire. Melbourne has loads of themed places you can choose from, or you can just choose a place that will host whatever you want to do. Whatever you decide on, just make sure it offers everything on this list.

I handed him a sheet that I use when I need to find venue hire for functions in Melbourne. On it, were all the expectations I have when I need to find a place that is reputable, easy to get to, and offers appropriate catering along with all the other stuff you can’t miss out when you’ve got clients paying to attend my workplace safety seminars.

Gray can be quite shy, though I really believe he has a lot to offer if he opens up to others. Which is why I gave him a job like this. His older brother Josh thinks I am pushing him out of his comfort zone but I feel like Josh may be a little jealous of this kind of responsibility.

Gray chose the perfect place in the end. I mean, perfect. Ice-skating, with six of his closest friends, fully catered, completely serviced and age appropriate. From what I can see, the six of these kids will be treated like kings. For Gray, who has missed out on so much, this party will be a memorable one.