The Windy Wishes charity dropped by a North Melbourne family to help rebuild after being devastated by recent mega storms.

Windy Wishes, a charity dedicated to helping victims of storm damage have taken on their latest venture. The Orwell family of North Melbourne were hit hard by freak storm over the weekend, destroying much of their prized backyard garden, costing thousands in damage. Mother Linda Orwell stated that “it just came out of nowhere. It was suddenly upon us and we couldn’t breath, or move. We were so lucky to be alive.” The charity was able to help the family repair outdoor damages and even work towards repairing their garden.

Many houses around the area were spared the devastating effects of the storm, the Orwell three bedroom home and yard was not so lucky. Nathan Nigel, of the Australian Weather Bureau reported that “this kind of behaviour is not uncommon for land storms such as this. Many have been known to jump kilometres at a time.”the damage to the home was estimated by Windy Wishes to be upwards to $50,000. “The biggest loss if my husbands award winning hippeastrums” a crestfallen Mrs Orwell said.

The charity, knocked on the Orwell family door late Saturday morning, less than 24 hours after the storm came through. Neighbours reported Linda being “overwhelmed with joy; it’s really great to see her spirits lifted back up again because of this.”

The new garden was given a complete makeover by Windy Wishes and local contractors. The improvements, complete with a new Lilium double collection as well as ornamental trees and a deck. The help was well received by neighbours and the Orwell family. “We now have the basis to start our garden again, we have hope.”

Nicole Burnley, a spokesperson for Windy Wishes stated that “We are so pleased that we can help the hardworking Burwell family. With a little bit of help, the Burwell family will have award winning hippeastrums again soon.”