People never gave me a second look…before I got the wheels. Before the wheels, I was nothing. Just some guy.

But now that I have my 1998 Toyota Corolla? EVERYONE wants a piece of me. And that…is probably because I’m the only one of my friends who’s passed their driving license and got a car, and they all want rides. Like, all the time. I’m the only person who can get them anywhere, because the train sucks and we’re all too cool to take the tram. Trams are for commuters and tourists, man.

And look, I might have chosen to buy the car, but given that I’m currently the taxi man, I’d appreciate a bit of help with the upkeep. Like…okay, how about everyone pitches in for the auto repairs? South Yarra mechanics are great and all, but it’s not like getting repairs for your car is free. Car servicing…also not free. Stuff to do with cars costs money, and…well, no one is giving me anything for carting them around the place. No one offers to chip in when i have to pay for parking when we go into the city, and I think that’s pretty rude, you know? Everyone takes me for granted, and it’s all because of these amazing wheels. I was nothing, now I’m something, and I’m starting to realise…it’s lonely up here at the top. You achieve greatness and renown, and you put yourself on a very narrow pedestal, high above all of the common folks. This Corolla has made me a hot commodity, but it’s also taking its toll. Yep…sure is lonely all the way up here.

Just asking them to chip in shouldn’t be too much to ask. I’m driving all the way to a mechanic a few suburbs away to get a car service. Glen Iris may seems like a fair distance from my home but I trust the garage there to get my car back on the road. They are sure to have the parts I need. After that I’m picking everyone up so we can go to St Kilda. I just need to be honest. Just need to ask them straight up: do you guys love me? Or do you love…the wheels?

…oh gosh, they love the wheels, don’t they?