It’s okay if the rest of the people at work are intimidated by my fame. It’s not every day that the former ‘Miss Grand Falls Chicken’ graces you with their presence, but for them, it IS every day. I was on the front of every pie box in animated form for six years, and to this day I still get stopped in the street by fans who want me to sign their pie boxes. I had quite the cult following, and even now that they’ve replaced my image with some made-up 17th century chicken farmer, I still do.

Now I work in a lowly office position, but my fame lingers…and I totally get why people are nervous. Why they don’t want to talk to me. But eventually, I want to show them that we’re all normal people here.

Of course, I have plans for this place, because I originally won that position by my creative pie design, so I’d like to apply that creativity here.

For example, you better believe we need a bit of office design around here. From my years in the pie industry, I rubbed shoulders with the very best office design professionals and companies. Melbourne and its pie industry has some deep roots, plenty of bureaucracy and obviously a load of admin to get all those pies baked, boxed and sent out to shops so that legions of fans can have their chicken pies, beloved throughout Australia. They were always hot on office design, so their offices looked like a dream and felt wonderful just to walk through when I was on my way through for a fresh photo-shoot.

What I’m saying is that I know what great offices look like, and I think it’ll set everyone at ease a bit if I find some really great quality office designers who service Melbourne. Just a few touches here and there, maybe get rid of some of these cubicle walls, and then pies for everyone! I get them free from the Grand Falls Chicken corporation. That should help people to see that I’m just an ordinary girl, and my fame is nothing to be scared of.