Hey, you’ve got to take life’s pleasures where you can get them, right? I rather like driving in my car.  That and snacking. It’s been three days of driving since I set out, and being in the car alone with only my portable coffee brewing kit for company is probably sending me a bit loopy. I’ve made a few pit stops along the way to rest at Motels and eat at roadside diners. I’ve had some of the most delicious food in places you wouldn’t expect on my travels. For example, this morning I had an apple pie that should be winning awards.

Maybe I’ve been on the road a bit too long. That’s why I’m pulled over, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, writing up a blog post about absolutely nothing – well, it’s ostensibly about my car song, but you see how it is.

Despite my loving serenades, I have to say that my car doesn’t seem all that stoked to be racking up this kind of distance. I guess I shouldn’t have spent the past six months putting of my regular car service. Brighton is where I’m headed today; there’s be mechanics there, won’t there? I’ve been in the desert for so long that I can hardly remember what your average country city is like; I’m starting to see why my friends have been referring to me as Mad Max.

Well, while I’m out here muttering darkly to myself about faulty brake shoes, I might as well put to the internet the question of where one can find the best mechanic in the Brighton area. It’s just occurred to me that I’d probably be acting less odd if I wasn’t spending the fourth day in a row what is essentially a sauna.

No doubt the sweating good for opening the pores or something, but it could also have something to do with the frankly disturbing number of rounds of the car song that I’ve managed to clock up today.