I’ve had enough of those two guys over the road! It was drama galore today when they sent a basketball flying through the front window (yes, through the glass) while I was working on my laptop on the couch. It scared bejeezus out of me; there was broken glass everywhere. To add insult to injury, the ball smashed into my glass-topped coffee table, leaving a noticeable crack in it. That coffee table wasn’t cheap!

This was the last straw for me, so I marched over there to talk to them about paying for my window replacement (in case you were wondering, they’re both aged around 19 at my estimate). They were surprisingly apologetic for a couple of irritating louts, and promised they’d pay for it all. One of them claimed to know the best glazier in Melbourne, which I took with a grain of salt, but I accepted the number he gave me without undue suspicion.  

I feel like these two could talk their way out of anything. Maybe they’re not such louts after all (still irritating though). This has all got me to thinking, anyway: maybe it’s time to replace some of the other glass elements around the house. For instance, that glass stair balustrade. Installation costs aside, it would make me happy to see that thing looking fresh; it’s beyond battered right now.

It looks like this glass repair company I’ve been referred to is able to do glass replacement for table tops. I’m skeptical that they’ll be able to do mine, as it’s a designer item that I got at auction, but who knows – I’ll let them check it out if they’re up for it. I’ll get them to have a squiz at the glass splashback in my kitchen while they’re at it; it’s looking a tad worse for wear.

As much as those boys get my goat, maybe there’s a silver lining to all this, which is that I’ll finally get some other glass repairs done around the house. As long as they cough up for the basketball damage, it’s all good.