So now the Winter Olympics are happening, everyone is all hyped (albeit not nearly as hyped as they are for the other ones), and it’s all anyone can talk about. All the channels, dedicated to skiing and…you know, the other winter sports. Tobogganing, and…pro snowball fights?

I’ll admit I haven’t watched it that often. I want some solid proof first that there are oxygen therapy companies from Melbourne present who can whisk the injured folks away to recover. And doctors, obviously. They’re also quite important.

I just went right off watching pretty much any physical activity after someone sent me a video at work, entitled ‘WOW! THE MOST AMAZING VIDEOS EVERY CAPTURED IN SPORT! NUMBER 4 WILL MAKE YOU CRINGE!’

Obviously I had to watch to at least number four, because I was just so incredibly curious about what made them cringe, like any normal human being would be.

And it was a piece of slow-motion footage of someone…shall we say, stepping a bit too hard on their ankle, and things getting a bit out of place. It’s now seared into my memory to the point where I occasionally thought about it and got asthma attacks just from that. Hyperbaric chambers really helped me out with that little problem- if only I had one in my home, so I could climb in whenever that ankle business popped into my head- and then I learned that they can be useful for sport recovery, and now they’re basically my coping mechanism. I think of the ankle, I instantly force my thoughts onto a person sitting in an oxygen chamber, having a relaxing time with their bones recovering, as bones do. I don’t know, maybe it’s something to do with the fact that is IS a chamber. A place of safety. Although perhaps there are also oxygen chambers for hire in Melbourne that are a little more open? Would that defeat the purpose?

I can’t really afford to think about it too much, or the asthma kicks in again. All I know is that if I watch the olympics and some skier has a horrible tumble, I’ll never breathe again.