It’s termites.

I never imagined that this would happen to me..

I had an ant farm when I was seven and they creeped me out so much I destroyed it and blamed my little brother.

My father was an entomologist, and he spent much of our childhood trying to stir up our interest in bugs. But I hated them.

I am forever grateful to whoever invented termite control. Dandenong homes, as I have sadly discovered,  are not exempt from termites,and 1 in 4 homes can have termite damage.

Now, they’re my roommates.

I can’t believe it’s termites.

First, the bedroom window wouldn’t open. And the timber around them looked kinda fluffy, or soft? And lastly, the little flying things I thought were fruit flies. I emptied my whole kitchen cabinet for them dammit.

Complaining out loud on the phone to my brother, he joked and said the flying things were probably flying termites. To which, I laughed, and told him what they looked like.

‘Um, yeah, they sound like termite ants.’he said.


That afternoon, completely freaked out, I frantically hit the directory for fast pest removal in Dandenong.

It all started to unravel a few weeks ago. I had been on yet another expedition to find the perfect couch when I moved mine back from the wall and noticed the first clue. The wall looked a little bowed. And earlier last month, the first time I had an inkling something was going on with the roof. I thought it was water damage. I could smell dampness, a bit like mould?

I am a house proud person, who loves weird things.  have a number of questionable things in my home that are odd unusual and a bit strange and probably not at all like  what you have got in your home, and now I have termites. Unlike ‘new couch’ and ‘dyson hair drier’ Termites were not on my list of things to get. Apparently it’s a 1 in 4 chance. Lucky me. My brother, on the other hand, still thinks it’s karma for implicating him in ant-farmgate 1989.