I can’t believe how many problems my car is giving me at the moment. Seriously, if I could trade it in for a train ticket, I probably would. Last week was the last straw, I had to be at an important meeting and my car bottomed out on me again. I could do nothing but watch the minutes tick by, thinking about the huge wave of tension I was going to cause by missing the meeting.

No one seemed to know what the problem is, but I think after all the trouble, I have finally found a reliable person to do a full vehicle inspection. Ringwood mechanic, lovely personality, seemed to know everything there is to know about my 90s model Subaru, even laughed when I told him my plans for the car if it kept playing up the way it was.

Why has it taken me so long to find a trustworthy mechanic in Ringwood? I think it’s more a matter of finding someone that can diagnose the superfine mechanics of a car. But still, it’s a piece of machinery, not a sentient being!

I’m beyond frustrated with having an unreliable car, but I guess it could be way worse. I’m having lunch at a really lovely café while someone nice takes a look at the engine, instead of stuck on the Hume highway in peak hour traffic surrounded by an angry swarm of drivers who look like they think I broke down for fun.

I’m looking forward to having my reliable drive back- and not having to worry all the time about whether or not my car is going to be up to the task of getting me from a to b.

UPDATE: My car is FIXED! The lovely mechanic did some kind of fault finding test and located the problem. I’m back on the road again and my Subaru is running beautifully!