I try not to go on about this too much, but I’m a member of a dads group, and it’s awesome. There’s seven of us, we all have a kid under the age of three, and we all work no more than part-time, mirroring our partners in their hands-on kid-raising. Anyway, I’m bringing it up because it’s time to plan our annual weekend away – just the dads. Nothing wild (trust me, we’re too bleary-eyed for that) – just some beach and bush time, maybe a bit of a surf, good food, good wine and good company.

Last year we drove down the Great Ocean Road and went camping. This year, I reckon we’re up for a bit more luxury – a weekend away isn’t all that much time, and we want to get stuck into the hardcore relaxing. I’ve just been having a browse for group holiday apartments in Lorne. Victoria has some gorgeous coastal towns, and I reckon Lorne is up there with the best. It’s got the big waves for Jack to show off on, plus the gentler surf for the rest of us.

Then there’s the local cheese, wine and seafood, not to mention the beautiful coastal bushland. It’s just a great place for getting away from Melbourne without too much hassle. I wish the bank would hold its annual conference there. They could have their pick of the best conference centres in Victoria, yet they always seem to go for the daggiest joint in the dullest part of town. If they’d put it on down on the coast, we could at least have an ocean view while being bored out of our brains.

Anyway, that’s why we need weekend getaways like the one. We’re really luck to have incredible partners who can hold down the fort for us. I realise that three days away doesn’t sound like anything much, but it can be when you have a baby in the equation. We dads will return the favour when the mums head off on their own coastal holiday later in the year.