I am not good with feet, I find them incredibly gross. I simply can not handle feet, I do not want them anywhere near me. I shriek if they are on me in any way, be that in socks or bare. Just to be clear, feet plus me equals problems. My dad knows this, and he think it’s really funny to take off his shoes at dinner when I’m at my parents house. He knows how much it bugs me and that’s why he does it. Thankfully I don’t have any foot problems myself that would require somebody to have to touch my feet. I know my dad has had to go and see a foot specialist in Cheltenham a few times. He gets ingrown toenails all the time. If he just cut his toenail more than twice a year he’d be fine. Boys are so gross.  I would be a nervous wreck if I had to deal with something like that on a regular basis.

I’m glad I got my mothers feet which are dainty and problem free. I have had many an offer in the past for people wanting to rub my feet. They say it’ll be relaxing…how about no. Everyone insists that they give the best foot rubs, I don’t care if they are the foot master, you can keep your digits away from my piglets. The reason this topic is on my mind is because I had an ingrown toe yesterday. I was freaking out because I couldn’t get the nail out and it hurt. My dad insisted that go and deal with my ingrown toe nails, Cheltenham has a nice podiatrist that he recommended. This only made me more determined to fix the problem. I soaked my foot in a warm milk bath from a hour and then used my fingernails to pry that darn nail free and cut it. I am going to take better care of my feet from now on. There will be no visit to the podiatrist unless I am unconscious or very sedated.