What to say about…cats? I could say a lot about cats, because I love them dearly. I love them so much that I don’t actually live in a home anymore; just an old, abandoned construction site. See, the cats love to be up in high places, and there’s a ton of that here, at least until the council realises that all this stuff is still here and comes back to remove it. But until then, it’s my kitty paradise.

People kept saying to me: “Ethel, you should go and live in that cat community they just started! Ethel, you need to slow down on the whole cat hoarding thing! Ethel, have you actually done any cleaning in the last sixteen years?”

I understand their concerns, but I decided that here is the best place for me and my children. See, mobile scaffolding serves so many purposes, besides the original one to be a platform for people to stand on while they build and paint things. So many purposes! For example, this one over here I use to shelter under when it’s raining. This one is where my bed is, of course, because it’s underneath a hanging stone balcony and it blocks most of the elements. And this little bit of scaffolding is where most of my cats hang out. There’s just so much criss-crossing, it’s like a virtual maze for them to explore and have fun.

And my compliments to the manufacturer, because no one has used this scaffolding in years and it’s still standing strong, even through all weathers. If I had a home, and that home had unusually-high ceilings, I’d fill it with the most complex scaffolding and platforms possible. It might make getting around a bit tougher, and serving dinner would be a bit of a chore, but I’d do anything for my cats. They’re mine, all mine. No aluminium work platform is too good for them. But for now, all of these ones left over will just have to do.