I would absolutely love to win this auction tomorrow. ‘Winning’ has always seemed like the wrong word in this context… I mean, what you’re getting is basically the opportunity to sign up for a mortgage. But in this case, it actually kind of make sense. That says something about the degree to which I want this house.

It’s got the location factor going on pretty hard, along with a certain ‘witch’s cottage’ aesthetic that’s exactly what I’ve always dreamed of but didn’t realise was actually on the market. Not only that, but its in great condition – the tumble-down look is purely cosmetic. Despite appearing to have been pieced together by forest sprites, its kitted out with rooftop solar and ducted heating.

It easily beats my current white box apartment, despite its newly upgraded reverse cycle air conditioning. Melbourne, don’t get me wrong: I know I’ve been lucky to have a place that’s in the centre of things, and rocks a sweet heating system to boot. It’s certainly done the job. But I’m excited about the possibility of moving into a place with more character.

Related question: what’s the go with gas heating maintenance, Melbourne? Is it true that it’s best to have it serviced annually? I vaguely recall my sister-in-law telling me a horror story about gas leaks. From what I understand, it’s totally worth having a gas-based system, provided that you invest in its upkeep.

Honestly, I’ve never given this much thought to heating considerations in my entire life. Back in the day, I’d just as soon sport a ski suit around the house as turn on a heater. I’d probably still be happy with that, except that I work from home now as a counsellor, and I can’t very well expect my clients to don such an outfit during their winter sessions. Therefore, central heating seems like a desirable thing to have.

Well, wish me luck for tomorrow! I’m feeling like a winner…