It was trying really hard to find something to keep myself occupied at work. I didn’t know how long I would be stuck there in the sweltering heat. I didn’t even know if I was meant to be working while the air conditioning was out of action.

My manager had burst into my office, actually smacking me in the back with the door. He was rushing in to tell me that the Canberra air conditioning technicians were here and that they were going to need my office for a few minutes.

I was more than happy to leave my office and do nothing while the technicians fiddled around with the air conditioning unit, but I’m not so sure my boss felt the same. I made sure that anytime someone walked past the staff room, I looked busy.

My manager appeared in the tea room and put the kettle on. He made me a cup of tea and sat down with me. He apologised a number of times for bashing my office door into my back and then asked me about my weekend. Once we had finished with the small talk, my manager told me that the men from air conditioning repairs Melbourne had finished in my office. I took my cup of tea back into my office, which seemed no different.

Apparently the technicians had more work to do before they finished the repairs, but the good thing was, they knew what the problem and had started the air conditioning services, Canberra isn’t a place you want to be in the middle of summer without a working cooling system. My manager had told me earlier that he was worried the technicians wouldn’t be able to fix the problem resulting in the whole building needing a new air conditioning system. He was very glad it was all able to be resolved within the day. It wouldn’t be long now until the air conditioning was back on, throwing cold air around the office, covering everyone. I couldn’t wait.