Another year has come and gone, and once again, Christmas cards have been my downfall. This is a sad yearly occurrence, to the point where I think my new year’s resolution about eight years running has been to get organise for things, earlier. Alas, it was not to be! I’m still sticking those things in the letterbox two days before Christmas and essentially hoping for a miracle. Curse you, procrastination. Curse you, Me-Straw and your endless distractions.

I give up. Time for a new resolution. A better one! Time to get out of retail and do something a little bit different! Alastair left last month after he went to Sydney. Group booking for a dry needling course, apparently. He and a bunch of physiotherapy friends all made a pact to do something radical that would change their lives, and dry needling is just what they settled upon. I hear it’s going pretty well for them, or at least Alastair. The boss might be a little bit frustrated that he’s losing all of his workers to the art of dry needling, but if I get one more customer coming in here and asking me if we have next week’s magazine six days before it’s printed, I might just scream. There are only so many answers I can give to folks who insist that there was a competitor selling this book for a lower price, even though we have no price-matching scheme and we never have.

So before I throw something, I need to jump into an entirely different field. Maybe dry needling won’t be for me, but I won’t know until I try and I won’t try until I know. Actually, just the first one of those. But really. I could find a new career making people relax and triggering their points. No silly questions about tomorrow’s newspaper or whether book released yesterday is available in paperback. Just…relaxation. Light conversation about pleasant things, maybe. I don’t know if a trigger point dry needling course covers session small talk, but I’m already pretty good at that, so whatever.