When it comes to outdoor space everybody knows it is as important to keep it maintained and functional as the indoors. Landscape gardening has really taken off in the last few years. Gardens are no longer patches of green that serve as the dogs bathroom. A home’s outdoor space is an expression of the home itself and a manicured lawn is a big part of that. When designing a new garden it is important to remove the footprints of the old land. Often these elements are integrated in as a form of continual nature but new owners enjoy starting fresh with a bare landscape on which to build. Old stumps can become infected and cause major problems for the rest of the land so stump removal, Melbourne has a bunch of professionals for this, is extremely popular. Tree stump grinding is an excellent method of stump removal to opt for because it leaves the ground underneath appropriate for a range of uses. If you plan to lay patio, lawn or even decking on top of the treated area it is no problem with this particular tree stump grinding method. When it is more than stumps causing you problems it may be necessary to go the whole way and do some tree felling.

It is normally worth consulting with a landscape gardener before opting for full blown tree removal. Melbourne is lucky to have a diverse biosphere consisting of hundreds of tree, bush and plant species. A specialised composition tailored to you is an excellent way to truly feel at home in your garden. Vegetable patches are becoming extremely popular in Melbourne homes, the green thumb has taken over and carrots can be seen sprouting from urban spaces all over the city. For a comprehensive guide on seasonality and what to grow best when check out my feature film, ‘Your Garden Is My Passion’.