I’m a nanny. And I’ve been a nanny for almost a year now, looking after four kids, (siblings and one cousin) after school, five days a week.  While I’m only on nanny-duty a few hours each night, I can honestly say that one of the most difficult things about my job is finding something that is entertaining, exhausting and fun for all of us to do. The most important thing is, that it has to be super safe. Which is why I look forward to Friday afternoons so much, when I pick the kids up from school and we drive to their favourite indoor play space.

The same space also hosts amazing kids parties. Bayswater families are extremely fortunate to have this place. It’s well known amongst nannies as one of the most fun places to take kids for a treat.

Being a nanny can be stressful as I’m the type to worry, which probably makes me technically good at my job. Safe and fun are sometimes a challenging pairing. When I found out that this great place is one of the best party venues in Bayswater for kids, I knew I had to check it out.

They give you and the kids you bring a set of security wristbands, which keeps everyone together and gives you a huge sense of peace. As an adult you can actively supervise little ones within the incredible space, which includes a massive climbing tower and my  personal favourite – inflatable jumping castles- and the older kids can really test out their abilities safely. From my perspective, I can tell how proud the kids are of themselves when they get that little bit braver and curiosity starts to develop into new skills.

Taking the kids on a little excursion each week also gives me the chance to get out of the house and model good behaviour in public. Parents are huge fans of this. So I won’t be failing to mention indoor play centers as valuable learning spaces any time soon- they’re great places to watch kids grow and learn.