Well, I did it. I told my dad that I don’t want to be an accountant anymore. It went about as badly as I was expecting. “You can’t stop being an accountant to go become an evil scientist! It’s ridiculous! You’re just going through a phase! You’ll be back to accounting in no time.” I knew he wouldn’t understand, but that’s okay. He’ll come around eventually when I am the ruler of the world because my plans went so well. He’ll come crawling to my castle asking to be my bookkeeper! 

Speaking of bookkeeping, I definitely want to make sure that I leave my current workplace on a good note. I have always enjoyed the cloud bookkeeping part of my role the most, so I think I will do that for a while today. Before I use my scientist ways to destroy this office and leave forever, that is. You see, to get into the Supervillain Training Academy you have to prove your worth by completing an act of pure evil. I figure that handing in my resignation with a bang should do the trick. Does this small business accounting firm near Melbourne deserve to be obliterated? Absolutely not. There are plenty of super nice people here. But that’s exactly what makes it so evil. I’ll be sure to pass the interview to get into my dream university now.  

One thing I’m not really looking forward to is choosing a supervillain name. I’ve been trying to come up with a few, but none of them really feel right. I guess I need something that is personal to me. I want to leave the accounting life behind, but maybe I should root my villain name in that. The Mad Accountant? Account Drac Ula? I’m sure I’ll come up with something right eventually, but it may take some time. I wonder if they have any classes on choosing your villain name at the STA. I hope so!