I had been waiting for my new photo wallpaper to arrive. The school band I was in was pretty good and we were serious about trying to make a name for ourselves. We had a bit of a reputation online, but we wanted people in the community to know who we were. Actually we wanted everyone to know who we were.

My bandmates and I sat down together one day to came up with a list of marketing ideas and ways to gain more exposure. The group decided that we needed a full wall graphic to act as a backdrop for our online videos. We had a few gigs lined up in the coming month so I decided we needed to really step up the promotion. A few phone calls and a measurement or two and I had made all the arrangements for the designer wallpaper. Melbourne was our next gig so we had to get started on the promotion soon. It was all organised through the school, we didn’t have to worry about sorting out anything other than band practice.

One day when I got home from school I found a parcel collection slip in my mailbox. I was so excited that I dropped my bad at the door and jumped in the car.  I picked up my best friend, the drummer, on the way down to the post office . There they were. They had done an incredible job with the wall art designs.

I didn’t give the company much to go on, I just said I needed them to be bright and eye catching. Sometimes it’s best give experts the creative freedom to do their best work. The final product was even better than I had expected.

I just needed this transferred to the wall and to be used as a tropical wallpaper backdrop. I knew the fans were going to flip when they saw our new music video. I called the band and told them the good news,they thanked me for all my efforts. I told them how impressed I was with the wallpaper art and that I would definitely be using their services for future work. Now that we had our awesome mural backdrop it was time to start filming some viral clips to go massive online.