Well, that didn’t go anywhere near as bad as I thought that would. All things considered, I’d say that visit from the Gnome Town taxman, Bobby Taxman, went really well. Of course, all my employees have been brutally incinerated, my office building is now a crater in the ground, and Mr Taxman said that if he ever sees me in this town again he’d literally bite my head off, but you can’t expect much better than that when he discovers a coffee stain on your accounting books. Ultimately, I’m just glad to be alive, even if my business is in tatters and I have to start from scratch, seemingly in another town.

I really should have known that getting job management software for electricians at the last minute wouldn’t help at all. Bobby Taxman saw right through the whole thing. I jumped on one of the computers, went through the schedule for two weeks and saw that we’d only just started using it. Not that it should matter for a tax audit, but that crazy gnome does things his own way. You have to completely satisfy him in all areas he demands, otherwise, he will literally destroy your business. We should have been using trade scheduling software long before I got the Intent to Audit letter.

As for the software itself? It was great—while I had a company to use it for, at least. I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for trade scheduling software. Local to Melbourne, there are plenty of businesses offering such software, but I don’t think any could be better than this. I was able to send my gnomes all over the town with ease. It was almost like playing a video game! Even though my business is no more, I definitely want to get a new one up and running, because I’m actually addicted to using job management software. Let’s hope I can get it going again soon.