Robert sighed and flicked the off switch on his equipment. Another long day of broadcasting to the oppressed people of Robotopia completed. He had some loyal listeners, but sometimes it did feel like he was just broadcasting to people who didn’t care. They hadn’t been impacted by the changes since the Mechanists took over, so why fight back?

The thing was, so many people were being hurt by the laws of Robotopia. He remembered the old days, going into his job near a place that was a corporate video production company close to Melbourne. He’d been so afraid that one day the Mechanists would come and take him out back for extermination, like many others. He had been one of the lucky ones.

Robert understood, for sure. Back when things weren’t so bad, he’d thought he could just sit and watch, keeping himself and his family safe. But the things he’d seen. The videos he’d made for the Mechanists. Eventually, he’d gotten out, and thank goodness he had.

Robert hadn’t been able to help people back then. Now, as Mr Chowski, he could make a difference. Even if it didn’t feel like he was doing anything important, Dr Ratroti assured him that this work was essential, sometimes in ways Robert wouldn’t understand. He had to trust the Resistance’s leader.

In any case, it was better than grinding through life working nearby to a 2D animation company that made videos for the Mechanists.

Things moved kind of slow in the Resistance. That’s why he’d liked it when Maphira came around, for the few weeks before her mysterious disappearance. Where had she gone?

Maybe he could do something to help… After all, she might have been captured by the Mechanists.

Flicking the switch back on, Robert, AKA Mr Chowski, began to prepare for his next broadcast. As usual, he’d ad-lib the whole thing, but the message would be clear. Supporters of the Resistance and Mr Chowski needed to do everything they could to find Maphira.